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Some are surfers, some are into yoga, some are traveling the world.The most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that if we’re in Los Angeles and it’s raining, our kids are as likely to say “let’s not get wet” as “let’s go out and play in the rain.” But when we’re on location, they’re muddy, their fingernails are filthy, their shoes are destroyed and they want more and more and more.Many of us at TMOM are SURVIVOR fans, and it looks like Jeff is a fan of ours too!

You have what you create and you make the fun based on your imagination, your friendships, and playing music together, telling stories. But what’s nice about that is that you focus on the task at hand: we focus on making different walks of life: there’s probably 20 different countries on our crew and they each bring their own cultures and style of music.Photo by Beth Feldmana carry-on bag with books, games, snacks, wet wipes…and as a new dad I asked “Do we really need all this?There’s something about that call to adventure in all of us that I see in our kids. (Question from my 9 year old daughter) What were your favorite locations? JP – Over 32 seasons we’ve been to so many amazing places!I can think of two very different experiences but two I’d go back to in a heartbeat.

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