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If we maintain close fellowship with God, He will lead us and guide us.If a person is walking with the Lord and truly seeking His will, God will lead that person to the spouse He intends.In fact, the costar says he wants to feel the kind of love he once had for Basinger, with whom he’s now in an ugly custody battle over their 11-year-old daughter, Ireland. I used to wake up in the morning and just look at (Kim) and say, ‘What do you want for breakfast, baby? Let me go get some.’ ” If he does find the right woman, does he want to have more children? “The only time I’m truly happy is with my daughter.When we opened in 2013 we became part of a legacy of shoe sales and repair on Third Street dating back to 1881.Our community offers a place to conveniently purchase quality footwear at reasonable prices without driving to larger markets or doing online mailings to buy footwear.Research shows that approximately 37% of online footwear purchases are returned and 97% of in-store buys fitted in-store are success stories!We are continually expanding our inventory to include dress footwear, leisure and work brands, orthopedic insoles, slippers and sandals, as well as ultra comfort merino wool/bamboo sox.Superfeet orthopedic insoles are the affordable industry standards and we support these products.

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If you are married, the person you are married to is your soul mate.

“I could post my picture and say, ‘People tell me I look like Alec Baldwin.’ They’ll go, ‘Oh, I hate him’ or ‘Who the hell is he?

’ ” Since his split from his wife of eight years, Kim Basinger, in 2002, Baldwin, 48, has been linked to various women, including actress Kristin Davis and lawyer Nicole Seidel. “You meet people who are great, but they’re not who you want to turn the lights out with,” he says. “I was in love when I was married, I’m not ashamed to say.

God will lead us to our “soul mate” if we submit to Him and follow Him.

However, being soul mates is both a position and a practice. What does the Bible say about sex before marriage / premarital sex?

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