Is peyton manning dating other women

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She sat on the bed and went to work on my feet while I lay there daydreaming about Edward. I didn't want him to think I was some girly girl when I clearly wasn't. A better question would be why wouldn't he want you?

It'd been ages since I'd had my nails done, since I'd had reason to. "Do you want me to do anything with your hair or makeup? Plus he'd already seen me at my personal worst and hadn't been scared off so wasn't it better that I be myself? " I nudged her with foot and she caught it and glowered at me. " She bent over and slid my feet into the sandals, careful not to ruin her masterpiece. "You look great."I did, for me, but did I look great for him? You're smart, you're pretty, you're funny, you're sarcastic, you have great taste in friends…" I laughed as she struck a modeling pose with her hand behind her head and her cheeks sucked in.

"That's so hot," Alice whispered, reaching over and tugging on my hand. " Of course I'd seen that and she was right, it was pretty hot. The game was tight and Peyton Manning was moving the ball well against the Card's defense, closing to within a touchdown.

Edward calmly took the field and I knew he had to just keep the ball moving and eat up the clock so Manning didn't get a chance to tie the game.

The FOX reporter, Pam Oliver, thrust her microphone in his face and asked him about his thoughts on winning the first game of the season.

I rolled my eyes at the inanity of that question and at her breathless tone as she moved as close to him as was humanly possible without mounting him on the field. I told myself it was okay to feel that way because I had always hated her, even before she was inches away from the guy I was going to be going out with in a couple short hours.

"And he can engage him when blocking for the running back but he can't just slam him down on the ground.""Why not? I'd never been emotionally invested in this way before."Of course you do…what if they mar his pretty face? He could wear something like Iron Man wears." I got a mental image of Alice handing Jasper some giant metal helmet with tiny slits for him to see out of and laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch. My attention was caught by the action on the screen again as Edward sidestepped a blitzing linebacker and let loose with a long pass, the ball sailing right down the middle of the field and into Jasper's waiting arms.

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He didn't bat an eyelash at the flirtatious tone, nor did he respond to it, just giving her pat answers and flashing one of his patented crooked smiles at the camera before jogging off the field. Uh, not quite yet but one could hope, power of positive thinking and all that."Why didn't they talk to Jasper?"I'll just have to go to the next game and jump him. " I shook my head and didn't bother shooting her down on that front, mainly because while I knew it wasn't likely, if there was a way, Alice would find it."Let's go, you need to get ready."I didn't resist as she tugged me into my bedroom. I don't need to wear a dress and…" I cut myself off when I saw what she'd laid out on my bed.I knew she wanted to go be with Jasper but here she was supporting me because she knew I would be nervous.To go from not dating at all to dating Edward freaking Cullen was quite a leap and I hadn't come down to earth to yet. I'm nervous and that's not going to go away until I get back home probably but I'm fine. Plus he'd look hot riding some animal, like a horse.""Okay, Alice, whatever you say." Jasper would get a kick out of her enthusiasm for learning the wrong terms at any rate."Time for me to go get ready for my own hot date." She waggled her eyebrows at me.

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