How to write an intimidating letter

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The main thing to be aware of here is you have to know when you're dealing with that other 10% that might in fact be a real, legitimate legal dispute that could in theory go all the way to a trial.

[edit: and if you don't realize before you get the call that you're in that situation, then I really do feel sorry for you...]I showed this article to my girlfriend, who is a lawyer, and her response, to paraphrase, was 1) it sounds like the guy got lucky and ran into some crappy lawyers, 2) if someone treated her like that she'd give away hours just to fight him -- "because now my heart would be in it," and 3) he's going to be f---ed the first time he makes a legal mistake.

Then there is the speculation as to the mental state of the opponent and the attorney.

He's not giving legal advice; he's giving practical advice regarding a situation that at heart has nothing to do with the law.

There are cases where the law really matters, but the kind of bullshit 'lawyering' he's talking about is probably 90% of what certain types of contract lawyers do for a living.

In your case, you're up against bureaucracies with deep pockets, so that strategy wouldn't work as well.

Also, savvy businesspeople tend to recognize "intelligently crazy" and become a lot more wary when coming across that personality type.

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