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We are enormously grateful to our players but the team has not worked as everyone had hoped.

Thus, we communicate that after finishing the contract with these players club will not renew them, with the exception of the captain of the same Antonio “Flipi N” Rivas known by you all.

A special greeting to my former classmates of equipment.

April 3, gave starts the Battlenet Pro Ladder Season 7 of Warcraft III to define the players qualified for the regional finals in Asia, America and Europe.

After disputing the late continental of the ESL Intel Extreme Masters III on 3 and 4 March and make a more than creditable 4th position falling in the semi-finals, now presents the opportunity to further improve and compete in the global finals.

The team will face the 7 European teams and American and Korean teams that were classified before. AMD| Falco N in the foreground A continuation here listing 12 teams qualified for the final global of the ESL Intel Extreme Masters III.

I want to compete at a high level and I think that this is the right place to get it, with the right people, to gradually achieve the objectives.

I am fully confident this team and I think that it depends only on us to where we are going to get.

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