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Since 2008, the rights of First Nations people living on reserve have also been covered by the The White Paper, 1969 and Indigenous Women and the Franchise.) Status Indians have certain privileges, such as the right to not pay taxes on certain goods, while Non-Status Indians do not.

However, many Indigenous peoples (both Status and Non-Status) refuse to be defined by this federal law.

It is difficult to make generalizations about definitions of Indigenous rights because of the diversity among First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in Canada.

Broadly speaking, however, Indigenous rights are inherent, collective rights that flow from the original occupation of the land that is now Canada, and from social orders created before the arrival of Europeans to North America.

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There is no simple definition of Indigenous rights in Canada because of the diversity among Indigenous peoples.The inclusion of section 35 in the Constitution signalled a new era of judicial and political opinion on the question of Indigenous rights.This section protects a spectrum of different Indigenous and treaty rights, including legal recognition of customary practices such as marriage and adoption, the site-specific exercise of food harvesting and other rights that do not involve claims to the land itself, and assertions of ownership of traditional lands.When rights to territory are challenged, relations between these groups become less amicable.The Oka crisis and Ipperwash crisis are but two instances where provincial and local authorities ignored Indigenous claims to ancestral lands.

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